Ever wanted someone who is always around and ready to help? How about someone to talk to? Well say hello to Syna! your very own AI that you can talk to whenever you want! Syna was designed to be less of an assistant and more of a sidekick. Instead of asking her to open an essay of yours, try starting up a conversation! She is one of the most advanced pieces of software designed by CV Programming. She has thousands of lines of code and many different aspects of programming used to create her. She has a built in clock, which makes her responses more realisitic. She can answer many question and has the abilty to modify questions slightly so that they fit an answer. If they don't fit any answers in her database, then she gives you the option to suggest the answer to CV Programming.

Syna is an amazing virtual assistant. She has her memory, smart responses, and basic AI, but you can also teach her custom responses. Before this update, Syna would ask you to tell CV Programming at if she couldn't answer a question. Although we would still greatly appriciate if you could do that, Syna now can be taught what to say for a certain response. If she can't answer a question you have, she will ask you what she should say next time.

Get Syna today! I update her frequently, and you'll get every update after purchase free! I add more responses in almost every update. I hope that eventually, Syna will be able to respond to almost anything, and be able to maintain conversation even longer than any other personal assistant! I also hope that she will eventually be so accurate with her responses, that you won't be able to tell the difference between her, and a real human being!