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Sponsor V0LT

Learn about how to sponsor V0LT and fuel V0LT projects!

Some of the content I create, including software, songs, and tutorials, are very limited by the lack of funds. I do the best I can with what I have, but its almost impossible to overcome the monetary barrier. In addition to software, music, and other content creation, I also have other things I need to do. Receiving income for the content I produce would allow me to put a lot more time into it, therefore increasing its quality and rate of development. If you would like to help V0LT with this problem, and get some perks for it, then you might want to consider sponsoring!

Most companies and individuals use a monthly or yearly sponsor programs, but I've found it easier and safer to use a single-time payment system. This makes it so users don't have to commit to anything, but they can still make donations on a scheduled system if they'd like.

One of the easiest and most popular ways people support V0LT is through cryptocurrency mining. All you have to do is leave your Mac open overnight while you aren't using it to support V0LT! If this interests you, download the V0LT Donor CryptoMining Starter Package for free here! The package comes with built in instructions, preprogrammed miners you can activate, and even a self repair system! The entire pack is only 291 KB, which means it will download in less time than it takes for you to read this sentence!

V0LT also accepts direct monetary donatons. V0LT currently accepts both cryptocurrency and USD donations. The easiest way to send a donation would be to use Itch. Almost all of my programs are distributed over Itch, which gives you the option to send a donation whenever you download or buy a programs. If you prefer to use cryptocurrency, which Itch doesn't support, you can send a donation to one of the following addresses. The list is in order of most to least prefered currency from top to bottom, so it you can send a donation in a currency near the top, it would be appreciated.

Bitcoin: 15YQaLfk3pzaJ5kgcoeMoqeUb7ePkcmqeQ

Monero: 24pT8qTBB74Rwfs1EJPcomGVpM1cP5vm8AxkvGSE5P8qXyhzANr9mC8F5Mp9ERDA3wbcsbhfCYfzZBHwUTJ2F3yL49WLcdV

Litecoin: LdyDukEb9fukidF5APDkLtXqyJFW3AziBw

Dogecoin: DTv4ZzTMoJjfBjE4phAKMsWU2YtoaWJxBA