Learn about how to sponsor V0LT Software Development!

Some of the content I create, including software, songs, and tutorials, are very limited by the lack of funds. I do the best I can with what I have, but its almost impossible to overcome the monetary barrier. If you would like to help V0LT with this problem, and get some perks for it, then you might want to consider sponsoring!

Most companies and individuals use a monthly or yearly sponsor programs, but I've found it easier and safer to use a single-time payment system. This makes it so users don't have to commit to anything, but they can still make donations on a scheduled system if they'd like.

V0LT currently accepts cryptocurrency donations, but we are working on a USD system that should be up sometime in the future.

If you don't want to recieve perks for your donation, and you just want to make a contribution, all you have to do is send any of the accepted cryptocurrencies to its corresponding address (found below). If you want to receive perks for your donation, things get slighly more complicated, but its still fairly simple. Just send me an email with the cryptocurrency type (Bitcoin, Monero, etc.) that you would like to make the donation with. Be sure to include your sending address so I can indentify you later. I'll send you back and email containing the different donation levels for that currency. Each level has different perks. This will help you to make an informed decision on how much you would like to donate. Then, just send any donation amount you'd like to the corresponding address below! I'll handle the rest to make sure you get your perks!