If you don't want to donate money, but still want to support me

WARNING: Keep an eye on your computer/device temperature while solving hashes. If your device starts to overheat, just close this page. While nothing should go wrong, its good to keep an eye out. With that out of the way, while you can donate just normal money and cryptocurrency (See about page for more info) if you have no money to give but still want to support me, I've got you covered! I completely understand not wanting to give up your hard earned money to someone you barely know, so below I've set up a couple of systems where you (AKA your computer) can solve hashes for a Monero mining system to earn me money. In simple terms, you check the box, a progress bar appears as your computer begins to work, and I earn money. Its that simple.

I would really appriciate anything you can contribute, since I don't show ads on my site, and I don't make a lot of money from program sales. Feel free to select one of the dots, then go back to checking you email, reading the news, or doing whatever else you were doing, as long as the page is open, the progress bar will continue moving! Keep in mind that if you seriously want to support me, send cash donations would be much more effecient and effective.