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Cruze 6

A proof of concept project for an open world driving game.










Cruze, an idea for a game I had 4 years ago. Now its a reality. A game where you aren't given a specific goal, just to do whatever you want! You can get a job as a cargo deliverer, build computers, become a criminal, or just drive around as a normal citizen! While you're at it, enjoy the amazing quality of the graphics including features like sun rays, bloom, motion blur, HD textures, animated trees blowing in the wind, and much more! Development on this game has been halted due to a lack of interest from fans, but if you enjoy the idea of this game, please let me know! That way, I can gauge what people want me to work on.

HD Textures

All textures in game are very high resolution, and make the game look great!

Multiple Cars

In the game you can buy or steal many different cars, each with different abilities.

Immersive Environment

There are multiple aspects of the environment in-game that ensure the player feels immersed in it. Trees blow, peeling tires smoke, the sun has shimmering rays, and much much more!


Unlike other open world driving games, Cruze 6 is only $5 to download and play! There aren't even any advertisments or micro-transactions! One purchase gets you the entire game.

Huge Terrain To Explore

The map has many different aspects to enjoy, including a city, valley, field, mountain, and more!

Customizable Graphics

Each graphic setting can be changed manually to ensure you get the best balance between looks and performance.


Everything you do in Cruze has consequences, which can be good or bad. For example, you can steal electronics from the store to build a computer, but it'll raise your criminal level, and make police more likely to target you.

Early Stages

Cruze is still in the early stages of development. Each and every purchase hugely helps Cruze progress further along the development process.