An expirimental password cracker

Have you ever wanted to see how long it would take a computer to guess your PIN? Well now you can! Password Cracker V2.0.0 is not actually a password cracker in the sense that it can only guess passwords that you know. You could have a friend enter in a password, and then try to guess it, but other than that, there is no way to gain access to passwords you don't know.

The first thing the program does is ask wether the password is a number (PIN) or Universal (Any password). Then it asks for the password. After you enter the password, it clears the screen so you can't see the password. It then asks how you would like the computer to try to guess the password.

The Universal functions is really only good for guessing common passwords. If the password you are trying to crack isn't a common password, then it is unlikley it will be guessed. This is unlike real password crackers, that will guess random numbers, letters, and characters until it gets the right password. On the other hand, cracking number passwords is just like cracking number passwords on a real password cracker.