BETA Testing

When it comes to BETA Testing, V0LT offers a free and a paid version.


Up to 10 minute run-time

We'll test any app (with certain limitations), as long as it can be used fully in under 10 minutes. Because of this, games can't usually be tested with the free package.

24/7 Contact

Though we can't guarentee an instant response, you can still contact me whenever you want! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


After we finish testing, you'll get an email clearly outline things we think are good with the program, things we think could be improved, and things that went wrong with the program.


Low cost

Even though this method is payed, the cost is still fairly low. All tests will be $10 or less, with most not even being that much!

Thorough testing

As we test your program, we'll try to hit every button, key, and control in as many orders as possible. If there's a bug, chances are we'll find it!


If you would like, we will even try some hacking on your program if you would like to test every possible problem that could occur with your software.