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Here you can learn more about V0LT

Where can I contact V0LT?

You can contact V0LT a few different ways.

  1. Email: ''
  2. ChatJet DMs: 'cvieira'
  3. Live support: Dialog at bottom right of page

What is your stance on privacy?

At V0LT, privacy is a priority. All trackers and analytics are gathered in a privacy centered way. For example, page analytics only record the page that was visited, and when. No other personally indetifiable information is recorded. Not even your IP is logged!

How can I prove this site will protect my privacy?

If you would like to verify V0LT's privacy claims, you can use programs like Brave, LuLu, and Oversight to check different network and local processes. This should allow you to confirm any claims made by V0LT.

I got an alert that this site is insecure. Is this true?

If you got an alert that the site is insecure, it likely means your browser/computer has the date or time wrong. If this is not the case, it may be a problem on the server side. There is also a chance that your antivirus is detecting the background miner system V0LT uses.

Do you offer refunds?

Unless the platform directly supports refunds (For example, Itch or Patreon), then V0LT doesn't offer refunds. V0LT will do everything possible to make sure everything is as you were told, including giving store credit or other compensation. If you are having a problem with a product, please contact V0LT using the information above.

Do you accept donations?

Donations are what keep V0LT alive and running! Most V0LT programs are free (exluding a few), so donations are the real source of income I get for the content I produce. Keep in mind that a compliment in the form of an email is just as valuable as a donation to me, if not more. The easiest way to donate is to either buy a paid V0LT program/game, or to fill in a donation amount when you download a free program/game from V0LT's page (most of the items on the 'Programs' are downloaded through Alternatively, you can send donations to V0LT via cryptocurrency, or Patreon. For more information on this method, see this page

What is the background miner?

The background cryptominer is a cryptocurrency miner built into the V0LT website. However, I am trying to phase it out, as most people dislike the use of it. Instead of using advertisments, which track the user and sell their data, I used a background miner, where the user could decide to opt in to earn various rewards. However, uses still believe this infringes on their privacy, so I'm trying to get rid of it. Instead of the background miner, V0LT's new monetization system is Basic Attention Token, where users will automatically pay V0LT based on how much time they spend on it.