Here you can learn more about V0LT

Why does my antivirus get tripped on this site?

Chances are that your antivirus is detecting our monetization system. I took a risk and decided that background cryptocurrency mining was a better alternative to showing advertisments. As you know, most websites just show advertisments, but I feel like these ruin the user's experience, so I opted for a system that uses a fraction of your spare CPU to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero. If you don't want this miner running, then please just hit 'Cancel' on the dialog that asks for permission to use your CPU power (If you haven't seen this dialog, then you aren't mining, so don't worry)

Where can I contact you?

If you need to contact us, you can get in touch at I also have an email run off of this server, at, but this email doesn't always work. 

Why does my browser say this site isn't secure?

This error is usually because of a certificate problem. Basically, certificates are digital forms that secure traffic traveling to and from a server. Sometimes, our certificate needs to be renewed with a third party. This takes time, so in the meantime, we just use a self-issued certificate. Technically, this is just as secure, but V0LT probably isn't in your browser's 'trusted certificate vendors' list. After the official certificate is put back in place, everything should go back to normal.

What operating systems is your software compatable with?

It really depends on the program, but V0LT has programs that are supported on Linux, Android, MacOS, WIndows, and even WebGL. I usually develop in Unity, so most will be compatible with MacOS, WIndows, and Linux. The command line based programs only work on MacOS.

Do you offer refunds?

Unless the platform directly supports refunds (For example, Itch or Patreon), then we don't offer refunds. We will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with your product though, including giving store credit or other compensation. If you are having a problem with a product, please contact me at my email above, and I'll do everything in my power to fix it.

Where can I send donations?

Donations are great, but keep in mind that an email with a compliment or suggestion is just as appriciated and valuable to me. If you want to send a donation, you can do so through Patreon or cryptocurrency. When you try to download one of my programs through, it will also ask if you would like to send a donation. The favored donation type is cryptocurrency, but the others are just as appriciated. My Patreon address is, and my cryptocurrency addressess are shown above.

I've heard that background cryptocurrency miners are bad. How come you use them?

In my opinion, crypto-miners are great pieces of software that eliminate the need for advertisments. Sadly, most people use them to sneakily steal your CPU power for profit. This obviously is not my intent. Before the miner starts, it will ask you if you would like to support V0LT. I kindly ask that if you are comfortable with this site, and you feel like I deserve it, that you enable the miner. It uses your spare CPU power to mine for a cryptocurrency called Monero. As soon as you close the webpage, the miner is stopped.

Why should I trust that V0LT will provide high quality content?

Most of V0LT's products are free, so if you want to purchase a paid product but are unsure, I reccommend checking some of the free ones out first. I try to build all V0LT products - free or paid - with the same quality, so customers can see what they will get when they buy one. If you have any further questions about purchases, please contact me at my email above.

What platform do you develop with?

I use my Early 2017, 15in MacBook Pro for almost all of my development. I often borrow hardware from friends, though, in order to test software I've developed for other platforms. I also use my Raspberry Pi, and occasionally (though, rarely) using Windows through my Mac's Bootcamp set-up. I strongly believe that MacOS is one of the most powerful, efficient, and well made operating systems in the world. I use it over all others whenever I'm given the option.

Why do you like MacOS so much?

I could go on for hours on this question, but I'll try to keep it concise. Other operating systems, like Windows and Linux, are made to run on all sorts of hardware. MacOS, however, is build for Macs and Macs alone. Every line of code in the OS is optimized specifically for your device, so you get the most security and performance possible for the cost. Many people accuse Mac of being to expensive, but for what Apple lacks in pricing, they make up for in customer service. Every time I've had a problem with my Mac, they've gotten it fixed quickly and at zero charge to me. The biggest reason of all? A Mac can run almost all mainstream operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD), and yet no other computer can run MacOS natively