NOTICE: Cruze requires a powerful computer to be run at high graphic settings. You can easily configure it to run on weaker hardware, but faster, more powerful hardware is highly recommended for the best visual experience. With that out of the way, Cruze 6 is an open world driving game made with the idea that you should be able to do anything you can do in real life in the game. This, of course, is impossible, since there is an infinite amount of things you can do in real life, but I still strive to make many features. activities, items, and jobs in game. There are frequent updates in order to add more and more features to the game. One of the most obvious features of this game is it's graphics. The first time you load the game will take a few minutes. This is because the software is creating and caching all textures, effects, and materials. This makes it so that the game can be played normally, but with less lag and shorter load times. Graphic effects include deliberate motion blur, bloom, sun rays (sun shafts), and procedural textures to make everything look unique. If you would like to purchase the game, you can do so through With it, you get all future updates of Cruze 6. Creating an account is highly recommended because it lets you manage all of your purchases easily and quickly.