Block building games have gained huge amounts of popularity over the past couple of years. The ability to create anything you can imagine is great, but pretty much all of these games lack one feature: The ability to automate things. While most games, including the popular game of Minecraft (by Mojang), have some sort of mechanic that works similarly to electricity, these still aren't very scriptable, and are only really to show off. They don't really have a purpose in the game iteslf. Automic Creation (Note the 'Auto' part in Automic), though it is still in early development, focuses more on the automation of tasks, then other game mechanics.

As stated earlier, this game is still in early development, so there might not be too much that can be automated. Currently, I am focusing on the core functionality of the game, since I don't want to take any shortcuts and just jump in. I want the game to feel fully completed, giving the player actual incentive to automate tasks.